Happy New Year! Lets Do The Thing!

Happy New Year! Lets Do The Thing!

Hey you! Yes, you, person reading this blog! Put down your <insert beverage of choice> and listen up!





You got this, guys. Look at yourself in the mirror, put on your armor, and go DO THAT THING. You know, The Thing. The Thing you’ve been wanting to do forever but never quite got around to.

Do one of those Things a week, if you can. If you can’t that is ok. You conquer that Thing at your own pace. You got this.

Look at my parent’s dog Shiloh. Shiloh knows The Thing she has to do. She is going to finally conquer that mirror universe dog that taunts her. Be like Shiloh. Don’t let a bad version of you hold you back.



Pictured: one of The Things I need to stop being lazy about and get done. No, not the cat, you crazy person. That binder is full of new arias, scenes, and role prep. I have a terribly bad habit of not learning music til I’m hired for it. Can you tell by the binder title? I need to start learning it to make myself BETTER EQUIPPED to get hired for it.

The cat, well…the cat is just an asshat. And a TERRIBLE rehearsal partner.

Happy New Year, internet friends. 2017 kind of sucked with medical stuff, job stuff, and just…well, the world in general. Lets change that for this year. What are your Things?


Posted on: January 1, 2018Kelli Butler

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