Kelli is known as ‘The Opera Geek’ across social media platforms, and streams Dungeons & Dragons, Invisible Sun, and various videogames on her Twitch channel.In December of 2018, she also helped write – along with the lovely Hannah Rose – the College of the Opera bard subclass that was released on the DMs Guild, which went into bestseller status within 24 hours and has sold more than 350 copies.

Since 2001, Kelli has also worked on a freelance basis dubbing multiple Japanese animation titles into English.
Her work includes Boogiepop Phantom (Yoko Sasaoka), His and Her Circumstance (Hiromi Ikeda/Ryoko), Ikki Tousen: Dragon Destiny (Kyocho), in all three seasons of Queen’s Blade (The Exiled Virgin, Rebellion, The Evil Eye) & the Queen’s Blade OAV Beautiful Warriors as both Aldra & Alleyne, and Aria: The Animation (additional voices).



Wednesday, 1/16/19
– 2PM EST: D&D 5e – Mordenkainen’s Path of the Planes w/ The Greyhawk Channel on The Greyhawk Channel Twitch.
– 8PM EST: Invisible Sun – Unearthly Twilights with WebDM on the WebDM Twitch.

Friday, 1/18/19
– 9PM EST: Witcher 3 Death March – continuing story playthrough! Song request: Classic Broadway edition! Found on my OperaGeek Twitch channel.


Mordenkainen's Path of the Planes!

A weekly Dungeons & Dragons 5e streamed show. Airs Wednesdays from 2PM to 5PM EST on The Greyhawk Channel Twitch.

Unearthly Twilights: Across the Actuality!
Weekly Invisible Sun by Monte Cook Games streamed show. Airs Wednesdays from 8PM to 10PM EST on WebDM Show Twitch.