Kelli is known as ‘The Opera Geek’ across social media platforms thanks to her involvement in the Dungeons & Dragons, TTRPG, and videogame community! In December of 2018, she helped write – along with the lovely Hannah Rose – the College of the Opera bard subclass that was released on the DMs Guild, which went into bestseller status within 24 hours and has sold more than 1200 copies. You can often find her barding it up on multiple Dungeons & Dragons streams as a guest, trying out new systems like Invisible Sun, and playing TTRPG for charitable causes on various Twitch channels!

Kelli also now has a Patreon, where she shares behind-the-scenes looks at rehearsals, practice, new song covers, offers Q&A, and general musings on life in the arts and geek worlds! You can also purchase #OperaGeek merchandise through her TeePublic store.

Since 2001, Kelli has worked on a freelance basis dubbing multiple Japanese animation titles into English.
Her work includes Boogiepop Phantom (Yoko Sasaoka), His and Her Circumstance (Hiromi Ikeda/Ryoko), Ikki Tousen: Dragon Destiny (Kyocho), in all three seasons of Queen’s Blade (The Exiled Virgin, Rebellion, The Evil Eye) & the Queen’s Blade OAV Beautiful Warriors as both Aldra & Alleyne, and Aria: The Animation (additional voices).


Kelli’s Twitch channel, where she streams videogames with varying degrees of skill!
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